DIY Foldover Clutch

tide rc DIY Foldover Clutch


рамп сайт в торе Materials

  • fabric
  • zipper
  • sewing machine
  • scissors спайс по закладкам в самаре Instructions

  1. First of all determine how big your bag is going to be. I did my 30x34cm. The shape of bag is rectangle.
  2. Cut out the fabric for your measurements and add 1cm extra. In my case it was 32x68cm
  3. Fold the short sides so the fabric lies right sides together. Pin the long sides of the rectangle.
  4. Sew sides together using a sewing machine. Turn the bag inside out.
  5. Pin the zipper and sew it on. Carry your bag either rolled up like on the first picture or fold it in half.

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